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Steam Railways
Mighty steam locomotives helped nations grow, allowed industrial expansion
and, for the first time, gave mass transport to the people, bringing the world
closer together.
Today they are largely confined to history, but steam railways continue to hold a fascination for
millions, from young children to the veteran enthusiast.
Our collection of films is a true celebration of the Age of Steam, with valuable archive footage
capturing majestic machines in their heyday, both in Britain and around the world.
Each thoroughly researched programme reveals a story of how today’s world was shaped by the power
of steam, utilising important archive footage of steam engines at work and modern footage of
preserved and restored locomotives which are kept alive by enthusiasts.
We also travel the world to see how steam-powered transport has, and still does, play an important
role everywhere.
A treasure trove of viewing for the expert, our collection of steam railway films also appeal to anyone
with an interest in history, powerful machines or just watching great television.
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