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It is the sport of kings, followed
globally by all sections of
Our Equestrian programmes feature
everything your viewers could hope to know
about the world of horse riding, racing and
eventing, with content to fascinate experts
and amateurs alike.
Beautifully filmed, thoroughly researched
and featuring the biggest names in
equestrian sport, each is entertaining,
informative and essential viewing for all
fans of horses, whether riding,
spectating or following racecourse form.
Your viewers will enjoy a fascinating
look at the world-famous Cheltenham
Gold Cup, marvel at Dressage and
Eventing skills, discover how racehorses are
trained and re-trained, watch the
wonderful White Horses of Lipizza and
Experts reveal the secrets of riding,
competing and racing, including
Olympic medal winner Mary King,
Badminton Horse Trials victor Pippa
Funnell, Burghley Horse Trials ace
Andrew Hoy, ‘Team Fredericks’ pair
Clayton and Lucinda, both Olympic
athletes, and European Dressage
Championship gold
medal winner Laura
Whatever interest
you viewers have in
the equestrian, our
new range will have
something to delight.
•Cheltenham Hall of Fame -
Great Gold Cups, Great Champion
Hurdlers and Festival Favourites
•Pippa Funnell – Riding Your New Horse
•Laura Bechtolsheimer Training Series
•Mary King at Badminton
•The Funnell Factor
•White Horses of Lipizza
•Andrew Hoy – Four by Four
•Enjoying Cross Country with Mary King
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